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Beth Edelstein, M.Ed., OTL, LMHC 

Promoting Empathy: Adults-Kids
Offering new ideas and new hope for challenging kids and their families


At PEAK Child & Family Counseling, LLC we promote an empirically-supported, neurobiologically-grounded approach, called Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) for understanding and helping challenging kids and their families. The approach was originated by Dr. Ross Greene, the child psychologist and New York Times bestselling author of the: The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost and Found, and Raising Human Beings. CPS helps caregivers develop an accurate and meaningful understanding of their child’s challenging behavior as largely the result of lagging thinking skills in domains of: flexibility/adaptability, frustration tolerance, and problem solving; and teaches them a structured, relational process to parenting that improves child and family functioning, and fosters the development of skills.  Please refer to to learn more.  

In addition to CPS, other complimentary client-centered approaches may be utilized at PEAK Child & Family Counseling, LLC to meet individual family member needs.           


                                                                                  WHO DO WE HELP?

At PEAK Child & Family Counseling, LLC we specialize in providing psychotherapy treatment to families struggling due to their child’s social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Our goal is to teach new skills and strategies to improve day-to-day functioning, while also strengthening relationships and ensuring long term success. Where possible, we work to collaborate with school personnel and other providers to coordinate efforts and maximize therapeutic benefits. We serve families with children and early adolescents from ages 0-18 with a variety of needs and diagnoses. Children may struggle with one or more of the following:
  • low frustration tolerance                       
  • managing their emotions
  • flexibility
  • impulse control
  • handling transitions
  • complying with adult demands
  • making and/or keeping friends

Some children may carry a diagnosis, such as: Sensory Processing Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disorder.

                                                                         WHAT SERVICES DO WE PROVIDE?

At PEAK Child & Family Counseling, LLC we offer:

  • Individual & Family Psychotherapy
  • New Parent Education
  • School Observations and Consultation


We are credentialed with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim/United Behavioral Health/Optum, and United Health Care. We have recently applied to Aetna and  Beacon Health Strategies. Please contact us for the most updated information.


Throughout her career, Beth has been extensively involved in promoting awareness of more effective and compassionate approaches for understanding and helping children with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Beth received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and her Masters of Education in Mental Health Counseling from Cambridge College. In addition, to holding dual licenses in mental health counseling and OT, she is a Certified Early Childhood Lead Teacher. Beth was the Founder and President of the Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges (FCBC), a non-profit organization that grew out of a local support group she established in 1998 to promote the CPS Approach. She went on to hold the position of Director of Parent Support for Think:Kids, in the Department of Psychiatry at The Massachusetts General Hospital for 8 years, before starting her private practice in Andover, MA. 

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